Why carpet tiles are a fantastic commercial flooring option!



When it comes to flooring, carpet is a popular choice for homes and businesses alike. However, an often overlooked option is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are a stylish, contemporary alternative to the traditional carpet roll. Being in the commercial flooring industry, Bass Floor Newcastle recommend carpet tiles to business clients as they have many advantages over other flooring selections. In fact, we’ve made a list of the best reasons we love them:

  • Longevity – when you run a successful business office, the last thing you want to be doing on a regular basis is re-flooring. You want a product that is going to last and be able to endure heavy foot traffic, day after day. Not only is having a durable floor economical, but it’s environmentally responsible as well.
  • Quick and easy installation – the benefits of convenient installation are twofold; it’s more cost effective, and you need less downtime in the office to have the flooring completed. In fact, the carpet tiles can be laid quite easily in stages, in order to avoid downtime completely. Our team have completed many projects that accommodate the workstations and staff throughout the whole process, no relocation necessary.
  • Flexibility and custom design – unique spaces can easily be accommodated by the humble tile that would otherwise be much more hassle when working with a roll. Tiles allow for flexibility in design as well.
  •  Straightforward maintenance – the upkeep routine for carpet tiles is simple. Regular vacuuming will keep it free of dirt and dust, and as long as spills are tended to quickly, they’re easy to remove. If damaged, individual tiles can easily be replaced with minimal cost and fuss. If further treatment is required, your care instructions will include a list of products that can be used safely for stain removal.
  • Lengthy warranty – Most of our carpet tile range come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years. This is some of the best warranty terms in the flooring industry, and a good reason to consider carpet tiles over other flooring options.

If your office or commercial premises requires new flooring, we encourage you to consider installing carpet tiles. For an extensive list of our completed carpet tile projects, Carpet Tiles. If you have any questions about the benefits of floor tiles, or which flooring options would best suit your needs and budget, please give our friendly team at Bass Floor Newcastle a call today on (02) 4951 6166.