Bass Floor supports local sport



At Bass Floor Newcastle, we are passionate about commercial flooring solutions, and we love that we’ve been part of the local community for over 30 years. We believe in giving back, and we also know that support from businesses is vital to the success of local sport. That’s why we’ve been involved with the Lambton Jaffas Football Club for the last eight years.

We are massive sport fans and it’s a pleasure to sponsor our local football team. Like us, the Lambton Jaffas have been a part of the community for a long time, and the origins of soccer in our region date all the way back to the first game ever played in Newcastle in 1885. This particular match involved two teams, one representing the south of Lambton, the other representing the north.

The very first football club formed in the area was the Lambton Thistles and this happened in 1885. Lambton Park was their home ground. The Thistles would later fold, and a new club emerged, the East Lambton Rangers sporting the colours blue and yellow. Their home field was Griffith Flat which was the area around the south intersection between Verulam Road and Bindera Road. That section is now called Johnson Park.

The Lambton Soccer Club was established in 1957, and the Lambton Jaffas would later begin as the senior team within the club. First used in 1978, ‘Jaffas’ was a nickname inherited after Ernie Lamb needed to differentiate between a new “All Age” team and the second division senior club. They would become incorporated as Lambton Jaffas Soccer Club in 1987.

After 42 years of amateur football, the club turned semi-professional in 2010. The Jaffas were promoted to the NBN State Football League in 2014, even making the grand final in their maiden year. The following year, 2015, was even better, with the Jaffas breaking through to the inaugural FFA designated National Premier League in Newcastle. This was quickly followed by another title in 2017. Today, Lambton Jaffas are a strong club with teams of truly talented local soccer players.

We love supporting local talent, and sport is a big part of modern society. Bass Floor Newcastle are proud Jaffas supporters, and we wish them all the best as they kick off for the 2019 season. Chris Sneddon, from the Lambton Jaffas has said, “The Jaffas survive to deliver football to the village of Lambton only due to the support of volunteers and, importantly, local business sponsors like Bass Floor. The Jaffas greatly appreciate this invaluable financial and volunteer support.”