All about Rubber Flooring



At Bass Floor Newcastle, we love commercial flooring and we install a variety of different flooring types. Rubber flooring is one of our favourites, as it’s resilient, strong and practical. Rubber flooring can withstand heavy and high-impact foot traffic, which is why you’ll often find it in sporting facilities such as the gym and pool surrounds. In fact, we have also completed projects in areas like equestrian stables, lobbies and foyers, mining, and office breakout areas. Rubber flooring is definitely versatile!

One of our many flooring suppliers, Regupol Australia, are specialists in the rubber field. They are part of the BSW Group, who have been manufacturing in Germany for 60 years. Known for being environmentally conscious, BSW are pioneering recyclable materials usage, innovation and sustainability. All of their brands, including Regupol, are manufactured in accordance with the strictest of both industrial safety and environmental standards.

The everroll® collection from Regupol encompasses a range of rubber flooring products that fulfil the simultaneous need for function and form. Given their German origins, it’s hardly surprising to note that everroll® floors deliver on sustainability, quality and design. everroll® offers seven distinctive product ranges boasting colour combinations that can effortlessly harmonise with other flooring systems and furnishings. They are homogenous products, with no wear layer and are PVC free.

Meet the ranges:


The original everroll® product, and it remains the most successful. Named to reflect its status as the core of the Regupol collection, this is a great design and timeless in fashion.


The tone range takes the core range to the next level, setting a brand new tone for “hardworking interiors”.


Introducing more colour vitality and a higher concentration of eco-preferred content, this everroll® range is brighter, both on the eyes and for the future of our planet.


This everroll® product is infused with bursts of high quality EPDM rubber, which is known for durability, flexibility and vibrancy in colour.


Aptly named, the active range uses its high strength to support the impact resistance demanded for active sports flooring.


In the shape range, the colour rises to the top, giving the option of bolder shades for business flooring.


The range that shimmers, for those who like things to shine. The flooring is embedded with a diamond-like reflective particle, emitting a sparkle in response to light.

Regupol’s everroll® Rubber Flooring has a fitness and leisure range specially tailored to sports performance. Fitness flooring needs to be able to absorb impact and feature resilience. Appropriate flooring in gyms and other sports facilities is essential to customer safety and satisfaction, both of which will impact business profitability. Regupol Australia are the fitness flooring experts. They have over 30 years of industry experience and have the products needed to make any gym look great and function even better. Gym and fitness flooring can be selected from the core, tone, intensity and shape ranges. The intensity level for the flooring can also be selected from different levels; low, moderate and vigorous. Regupol are even able to offer logo and branding options to really customise business flooring.

How can both durability and comfort be achieved at the same time? Through composite flooring, where the upper layer is supported by a shock-absorbent Regupol® Shockpad Underlay (with multiple choices for underlay thickness). This provides safety by shock absorbency, as well as a high level of comfort.

At Bass Floor Newcastle, we carry out rubber projects from specification, installation, right through to action. We know they’re designed with quality, durability and keeping the environment in mind. Recently, we installed rubber flooring (from Regupol Australia) at The Forum Harbourside. The photos below illustrate how well rubber flooring meets both aesthetic and practicality criteria.

If you’re looking for rubber flooring solutions for your business, especially for gymnasiums and fitness facilities, please contact the friendly team at Bass Floor Newcastle for more information on Regupol Australia and the best flooring options for your business. Call us today on 4951 6166.