Carpet tiles, but not as you know them! Meet some of our suppliers…


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At Bass Floor Newcastle, we know that flooring choices have a big impact on your business. The aesthetics are important to your employees and customers alike. When it comes to flooring decisions, carpet tiles are a fantastic commercial option. They are stylish, contemporary, flexible, hardwearing, easily installed and maintained, and they come with a lengthy warranty.


After decades in the commercial flooring industry, we have built relationships with some of the best suppliers of carpet tiles in Australia. Some of the companies we work with are featured below:



Infterfaceflor have positioned themselves as pioneers in modular carpet tile production using an entire systems approach. A global flooring company, Interfaceflor has a fantastic range of carpet tiles and modular flooring choices designed to make interior spaces beautiful.


Drawing inspiration from nature and natural beauty, it’s no surprise their catchphrase is - “We make carpet tile, but we sell design.”


They are also committed to business operations that have a focus on the planet, both restorative and preventative environmental action.


To view their extensive range and learn more about the company, visit the Interfaceflor website.


Ontera Modular Carpets

With creativity as their focus, Ontera are innovators in the modular carpet tile arena. The business was established in Sydney in 1985 (under the name Feltex Modular Carpets) in a time before carpet tiles became super popular. Now under the Milliken family of companies, Ontera continue to explore ways to enhance the lives of people using their many design studios, showrooms, sales centres and manufacturing facilities located around the world.


Ontera carpet tiles come in all forms, from premium right through to budget conscious alternatives. They even offer a custom design option, should you want your logo or something personal printed on the carpet!


The entire Milliken Group values integrity, and consistently rank on the list of ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies.’


To view their extensive range and learn more about the company, visit the Ontera Modular Carpets website.


Shaw Contract Group

With showrooms all around the globe, Shaw Contract Group are carpet visionaries, intent on pushing norms and boundaries. They manufacture carpets designed specifically to spark interest. Featuring bold colours and exclusive designs, Shaw’s modular carpet options are a contemporary winner in the commercial flooring industry.


Shaw are also heavily focused on sustainable business practices, and even co-own one of America’s largest bottle recycling facilities.


To view their extensive range and learn more about the company, visit the Shaw Contract Group website.


Signature Floor Coverings

Offering inspirational designs of exceptional quality is always the goal for Signature Floor Coverings. Products and designs are developed specifically to suit the needs of the Australian and New Zealand market. The foundational range of tiles at Signature Floor Coverings is the Vivid range, featuring an impressive 101 colour tones on the palette. Now, that’s some choice!


Signature Floor Coverings is also committed to sustainability, acknowledging that the world does not have an unending supply of natural resources. They work with accredited bodies to improve sustainability in all aspects of their business and production.


To view their extensive range and learn more about the company, visit the Signature Floor Coverings website.



Tarkett carpet tiles are known for their inventive patterns, fresh colour palettes and extensive options. They can truly showcase how carpet tiles create stunning work spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Tarkett are located throughout the world with four design centres, 24 research laboratories, a research and innovation centre and seven recycling centres.


With a wide range of products, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Tarkett are also respectful of the environment and committed to sustainable manufacturing processes.


To view their extensive range and learn more about the company, visit the Tarkett website.


At Bass Floor Newcastle

We have reliable suppliers who each produce high-quality, extensive ranges of carpet tiles, and we know that we can find the perfect one for your business. To learn more about carpet tiles, or to start your commercial flooring journey with us, please give our friendly team a call on 4951 6166.